Back to School Goal Setting Party

Some of us have started seeing those big yellow boxes on the road that transport to school. Yes, it’s the time of year when many kids are headed back to school. Although they dread losing their free time, it’s still pretty exciting. Now is also the time to have a back to school party.


Yes, celebrate school. Take this time to make getting an education positive. Celebrate the previous year’s accomplishments and set new goals for the current academic year.

To get started, create party invitations via Inwiter. Upload pictures from previous academic events (open houses, plays, school trips) to create custom video invitations your child’s friends (and their parents) will “oooo” and “ahhhh” over. Fill in the party information and then email to your child’s friends’ parents.

For the actual party itself, have some sugar snacks (because your kids love it) mixed in with plenty of healthy options, have a few educational activities (maybe a spelling contest or trivia game), and let those kiddos enjoy the summer warmth while it’s still here. One of those activities can be setting goals for the school year.

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