We know how killing it is to watch your best friend miles apart from you. You cannot feel their presence nor can you go and see them whenever you want. But, hey! That doesn’t mean you will stop making them feel special. So, what if they are miles apart from you, aren’t they the one closest to your heart? Yes! So if your long distance best friend’s birthday is coming here are the gifting ideas for your long distance best friend.

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Organizing a birthday party is a fun idea, and it is even more enjoyable when you are a creative person and would love to decorate the party atmosphere on your own. But most of the times there remains a confusion about what to create so that invitees like it and cherish the most in the party. So today we have come up with the most innovative DIY ideas for your birthday party those you will definitely like and would love to come up with on your own birthday.

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In quest of achieving materialistic glories, we often tend to take our parents for granted. Remember the time when you were small and your parents would plan your birthday parties, no matter how busy they were. So now that you are all independent and grown up we guess, it’s high time to do the same for your parents. It’s time to make them happy.


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Gone is the era where just a simple cake and light snacks would complete your little one’s first birthday, it’s the time whereby people actually look in for quirky ideas to make it special for their toddler.

So in case if you are still wondering what special can be done to make a memorable birthday, don’t worry! Here we are with 5 quirky ideas that are sure to make your little one’s first birthday and hot happening. Read on!

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Want to make your birthday a happening event this year? Sending a paper invitation card or inviting your visitors with a simple phone call is the outdated ways. They no more invoke the enthusiasm in the invitee nor do they indicate about the difference you’re going to create in the party. So why not try something worth remembering that invokes a sense of eagerness in your invitees?


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