As much as you would like to believe that life starts only once you’re out of school and into the big world of nonconformity and subsistence. The truth remains that your school days really shape up the core of your personality. Even though you have to oblige to a lot of rules and restrictions – which you desperately look forward to discarding. You overlook as to how you always have had the liberties to keep strong opinions and maintain your judgments towards all the little things in life- something that continues afterwards.

So what really changes after school, are your equations with your friends and family along with a humongous modification to all the basic definitions such as responsibilities, freedom and sensibilities.

graduation ceremony

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From not so long ago, you recall that afternoon when you celebrated your baby girl’s first day at school. She had returned home from her classes feeling all relieved to have liked her new teachers, who were nothing like the monsters her brother had described they would be. She spoke tirelessly about all the new kids at school who shared their lunch with each other and how she loved talking to all of them.

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Graduation marks the end of our student life and represents the beginning of our new phase where we welcome a little more freedom and independence in our life. Certainly you can’t simply ignore such a great occasion without a celebration, after all it’s your years of hard work that finally brings you one step closer to your dreams.

Graduation Party

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Graduation is one of the major milestones in an individual’s life. This is also the time when a person is leaving behind childhood and tentatively stepping into adulthood. Graduation means that you are all set to take on the travails of the big bad world and naturally you would like to collect the good wishes of your near and dear ones.

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