Invitations need to be written carefully. It’s the first impression of an upcoming event which everyone is excited about. There are certain etiquettes we need to know before making an invitation to avoid any blunders. We need to understand that what we think practical and proper, sometimes sound rude to other people. So here are things you should never mention in invites.


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A new beginning with an auspicious vratham among your beloved ones is the greatest moments of anyone’s life. It feels just like yesterday, when you sat there in front of his idol along with your whole family, praying for a source of power that drives you to all sorts of success and prosperity in life. You also remember asking Lord Vishnu enough wisdom to be able to build the house of your dreams where your family spends a comfortable life that you wish to provide them with.

online satyanarayana pooja invitations

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What rings a bell on the name of baby shower? Ladies, chocolates, gifts, giggling and the happy ‘Mother to be’ with her close aides who have come to bless the baby in the womb. This lovely event is all about sharing memories and smiles and cherishing them forever.


Inviter has added extra wing to this lovely event by bringing in a new concept of Baby Shower video invitation. Designing and posting a baby shower video invitation through online platform named Inviter has become the talk of the town and charm of every baby shower. Continue reading Send Baby Shower Video Invitations To Your Guests

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This month, our webinar will focus on integrating video greeting and invitations in with your current marketing strategy. I’ve talked a lot about doing them and mentioned integration. This time, I’ll talk about the actual integration and what that looks like.

Marketing shouldn’t be siloed. Every message you’re creating needs to be consistent across all marketing channels. That’s what this webinar is about and how to do that.

Join the Inviter team and myself on April 22nd at 7:30 pm EST to learn more about integrating marketing strategies. Make sure to register to guarantee a spot.

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Marketing for trade shows can be pretty cookie-cutter. You use the show’s platform to market to attendees, send email blasts, press releases, etc. That is all fine and acceptable, but what makes you stand out amongst other exhibitors? Sure, your product or maybe amazing. But how will anyone really know?


You need to do something before the event to get some attention. You have a unique opportunity to use video in a new way to “speak” to attendees and even those who haven’t registered yet. Continue reading Trade Show Tip: Use Video Invitations

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Most people think of a wedding in the Caribbean when they hear the phrase, “destination event.” However, lots of other events are even better when held in a sunny – or snowy, depending on your preference – locale. Retirement parties, corporate retreats, bachelorette weekends, and other events may need to be planned in a city other than your own.

Destination Wedding

Wherever you decide to hold a destination event, simply choosing a non-local venue adds another layer of planning and to-do’s that you would not have faced at home. However, there’s no need to add more stress to the process. Continue reading 5 Tips for Planning a Successful Destination Event

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With Father’s Day on June 15, now’s the time to start planning a perfect gift for your loving dad. Instead of buying the cliche and traditional gift of ties and socks, reveal the creative side in you by designing an Inwiter video greeting ecard. There is no need to rush to the mall, and wait in the long lines. Send your man of the house a video greeting with your Father’s Day wish. Continue reading The Perfect Father’s Day Gift: A Video Greeting of Love

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Party Planning – either be it a birthday party, graduation party, thanksgiving or bachelor party, planning is common. That’s how a party can be organized successfully. But 4 W’s you can’t ignore while planning a party are

  1. What is the date?
  2. What is the location?
  3. What is the party theme?
  4. What is the budget?


Besides these 4 W’s, there are few more to be included in your checklist but you cannot move without answering these 4 W’s to yourself.

Date comes first in the line while planning, once date is fixed you can move on to party location and then the party theme. Finally you also need to set a budget to organize the party.

You can also follow few tips to smoothen your planning process. For date, pick one which is on a holiday or weekends so that your guest will show up. Possibly choose your house as the location for the party as its very convenient to you. Now you can fix a theme for all your guests. Finally and the most important one, before you end the planning process and start organizing you need to set your budget limit.

Save money on guest’s invitations by sending video invitations to all your guests. You can also give a personal touch to your video invitation by recording your own video message and sending to them via email.

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We talk a lot about egreetings and free ecards. But what about those snazzy get togethers? Now the holidays are over and everyone is back to business, the happy hours and networking events are in full bloom, despite the bitter cold temps and wintery weather.


I’m part of planning some of those happy hours and networking events. As I was thinking about a fun way to engage my invitees, I instantly thought about Inwiter’s video invitations. I wanted something fun, engaging, but more importantly, I wanted to remind attendees how much fun they had at the last event. So I decided to create a custom video invitation using images from the last event.

Whether you’re planning events for personal or business events, Inwiter’s free ecards and invites are the way to go. Super easy to use, you’ll be able to monitor your guest list while giving your guests a new way to learn about your event. It’s a memorable way to invite people to your next event.

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