Mother day Video Greeting

No matter how hard the times turn out to be and how big a storm we find ourselves in, our mother will always be that one constant source of support that keeps us wanting to move forward and never look back in life. They hold the power to take up any difficult situation and magically turn it around and fill us up with just the optimism we require to find solutions to all those problems. The selfless love that we receive from our mothers, is hard to replicate. The superwomen that she is, it sure is a wonder as to how easily she manages everything. From her own work, to the whole house, to our tasks that we depend upon her to help in – she does it all without a frown of complain.

Mother's day video greeting

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May 8th, another opportunity to shower your unconditional love to your Mom. She was the one person who was always there for your when you needed to hold you back. She is the one person who supports you through your downtime, feels happy in your high time.


She is the one who never expects anything in return. Such person deserves a special tribute, not just a simple wish or a card or a text. Such special message can be conveyed affectionately using video greetings.

Yes, video greetings are the best way to convey your unconditional love towards your Mother and how you look up to her. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy or a pro at videography to create your video greeting. All you need is a mobile with decent camera or a DSLR or a camcorder. Just record your video message, about how you look up to her, thanking her for all the things she did for you, having your back every second, caring you, loving you with no expectations most of all for believing in you.

Once you have recorded your video message, signup with Inviter and login to your inviter account to create your Mother’s day video greeting. It takes you through a 4 step process to create your video greeting. If you have siblings, I suggest you make a video message together and to make it more personalized you can add your childhood video clips, photos to your video message. Once done, either email it or share on your mother’s social media page and surprise her.

You can also plan a surprise visit and a dinner or to any other place she liked most and greet her with the video greeting you created. Why wait? Create your free mother’s day video greeting and turn your day into a memorable memory.

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“Mom! Did you touch my locker? I am old enough to look after myself and my belongings. Stay away OK!” She just slammed the front door and left for school. The mother just smiled.


“You know what? My professor liked my project concept. All thanks to you, Mom…” Nonetheless to say she hugged her mother. The mother simply smiled. Continue reading Send Mother’s Day Video Greetings To Your Mom

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“Unlimited hours. No breaks. The most important job is also the world’s toughest job.”

This would the position of Director of Operations aka Moms.

In this YouTube film by the Mullen Agency, 17 million people reacted positively over this heart warming project about the #worldstoughestjob. This popular hashtag describes the lives of mother’s and how they continue to surprise us everyday with their dedication and hard work.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and we all want to show our love & appreciation to our “Director of Operations” aka our mothers. They are the ones who brings us love, joy, compassion, and support through thick and thin. Continue reading World’s Toughest Job: A Mother

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I was researching about how many Mothers Day Greeting Cards and Father’s Day Greeting cards are being sent every year to estimate the upcoming work load on our Inwiter’s team. I came across a wonderful Info-graph which explains and compares both the occasions with eye catching visuals.

Infograph Credited by Daily-infographic.


Undoubtedly Mothers day is more popular than Father’s day. In fact if you see the numbers, there are 13 million more number of mothers than fathers. As per American Greeting Card Association, Mother’s Day uses 133 million greeting cards where as Father’s day uses 90 million. Around 40 countries celebrate Mothers day. Father’s day started little late as well getting inspired from Mother’s day celebrations.

I believe it is better to keep it simple and Celebrate both. Create a memorable Video Greeting using Inwiter for Mother’s day and Father’s Day. Collect your Moms and Dads memorable images, videos and create a personalized video greeting. Add flavor by adding funny captions, message on each image or video. We added number of music tracks this week. Add soothing background music and send it to your Mom and Dad.

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Before I write about Video Invitations and Video greetings and the new way of inviting or greeting your loved ones, did you ever wonder about evolution of invitations?  Invitations were used by only for social events by the aristocracy (Kings, Queens, Ladies, Lords, Dukes and Duchesses) in England and France beginning in or around the 18th century.

They were all hand written and calligraphy was the elegant way of showing that they were well educated. This is how each invitation was written.  Once written, each invitation was placed in a handmade envelope which would include the invitee’s names and they used to seal with a hot wax. With no postal service in place, these invitations had to be hand delivered. Continue reading The New Era of Video Invitations and Video Greetings

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