Online Invitations

Whether it is for an occasion such as a birthday etc. or whether you are organizing an official meeting. You need to make invites in the event that you are the host. The time for delivering the mails and sweating over whether the recipient has received it or not seems ancient. And if you are still living in that time then you are not inviting more stress to an already stressful life.

Email Invitations

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Certain things in life are just meant to be celebrated. Whether it’s your sweet sixteenth or your twenty first birthday when you are legally allowed to drink. And you want to make sure that the world knows how happy you are. From your engagement to your first anniversary with your significant other, you cannot pick a better occasion to get together with the people who are close to you. There are so many occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc. and milestones like first job, first car, promotions etc. in your life that demand celebration.


However, apart from the events that are very personal to every individual, there are certain occasions which we all celebrate together. We start with the St. Patrick’s day and follow it by honoring the resurrection of Christ in a few weeks during Easter. Then there is a waiting period of a few months before we can all dress up for Halloween, play trick or treat, roast our turkeys for Thanksgiving before finally decorating the Christmas tree and go together with our beloved family and friends towards a new year.

Hosting a Party

These parties while being amazing and fun for the guests, is no less than ordeal to plan for the hosts. Apart from meticulous planning, a significant amount of time and patience is required on the host’s part. To start with, the guest list and delivering those invitations to the guest becomes tiring. And it is followed by organizing food, beverages and decoration (in some cases with a particular theme). It is evident enough that some help in the party planning department would go a long in making the life of a host easier.

Invitations and Guest List

One of the major tasks to host a party for any occasion is to decide the guests list. Once you sit for hours and decide on a list, another daunting task of creating an invitation follows. Finally you need to take the time out to deliver those invites to all the guests. The bigger the guest list, the more tedious that particular task becomes. Moreover, you have to plan ahead with the guests and coordinate with their schedules in order to drop these invitations.

The Virtual Party Planner

In the fast and efficient world we live in where APP exists for almost everything. It is convenient to just hire an event planner, but not necessarily cost effective. What if you had the option of making yourself the event planner of your own event with minimal effort and free of cost.

The Inviter is a free online invitations portal that helps you design, customize and send your invitations to the recipients in literally one click. It helps you create innovative and amazing invitations easily. And it also removing the stress of the invitations being mixed up or not getting delivered on time.

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Destination weddings are totally worth your time, endless preparations and the penny you invest into it. Not just that it appears intriguing for the bride and the groom but for the guests as well. Since a decade now it seems that destination weddings is becoming preference to the ready-to-wed couples. While there is a lot behind the scene that makes a destination wedding grander and successful, we thought of letting you know about some ready made hacks!

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When a man meets his wife to be on the wedding altar, he sees his life complete. The happiness that echoes in both their faces is the priceless gift that their parents receive. A dream comes true when two people in love get married. Together they weave beautiful memories and every photo; every video clip of their wedding remains their biggest priced possession.

rsvp online invitations

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Christmas is going to be there in some 30-32 days and we can understand the excitement these jingle bells brings to us. December, Winter and Christmas; is there any better combination? Perhaps not! We await for this time of the year when the year end is closer and so is our Santa Claus. Organizing and arranging a Christmas party with friends and family is something we always look forward to.


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We know how killing it is to watch your best friend miles apart from you. You cannot feel their presence nor can you go and see them whenever you want. But, hey! That doesn’t mean you will stop making them feel special. So, what if they are miles apart from you, aren’t they the one closest to your heart? Yes! So if your long distance best friend’s birthday is coming here are the gifting ideas for your long distance best friend.

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Some of the special events such as birthday, wedding days tends to be extra special to us. We all are aware of the preparations and management that goes behind the scene of these events. Right from invitations to the food and venue, we wish to make everything just perfect. So, why do go for the old conventional ways of sending invitations? Why not give online video invitations instead?


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As you all know, that social media is on the trend these years. And also the maximum number of people utilize this platform for any kind of event creation or occasion invites. The reason behind these online invitations is the maximum follow-ups and response rate, which are highly missing in paper invitations.


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