Watching your baby’s first step on their tiny feet is the most magical feeling you ever have. This a milestone in your baby’s life which you don’t want to forget. It’s hard to explain such magical feeling when you watch your baby’s first step, but its easy to capture and share those moments.


Such adorable fist step catches everyone’s attention leaving awww!! expression on their faces. That moment makes you realize your kid is growing, standing on their own feet. Below is a video of an adorable baby girl trying to stand and takes her first step.


You cannot describe how time passed away in words, but with a video you can. As mobile camera’s became handy, you can record/capture your baby’s first steps and turn such photos and videos into a wonderful video greeting to share with your family and friends via email. You can also share your baby’s first step video greetings on facebook & twitter.

You also need to take some necessary steps to ensure your kid’s safety when they start walking.

  • Keep the floor dry and clean.
  • Teach them to climb stair under your supervision.
  • Fix bells on doors so that you get notified when they open it.
  • Avoid any sharp or pointy like things around them.
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Each year, April 22 is observed as Earth Day. This day marks a very important day in the history of 1970’s, considered as the birth of modern environmental movement. This moment aims to spread the awareness of Earth’s natural environment.


It’s our responsibility to save the natural resources for the next generation. There are handful of practices to celebrate earth day and to be a Eco-friendly being. Continue reading Did you take Earth Day oath?

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Easter’s egg hunt is always fun with kids around. The tradition goes on by decorating the chicken eggs for Easter and the decorated hard-boiled eggs are given out to family & friends to celebrate the Easter. Now-a-days Easter eggs are replaced by chocolate eggs, candy & jelly beans in it.


According to German tradition, the day before Easter, Easter bunny brings colored Easter eggs to kids. This myth resembles same as Santa Claus, brings gifts to children a day before their respective festivals. Continue reading Easter Video Greetings & Video Invitations

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I remember a popular quote that I came across last week on the web while I was creating a Thank you video greeting to thank my friends for such a wonderful party we had.

“Saying thank you creates love” – Daphne Rose Kingma

This simple quote explains it all in just a two words “Thank You”. We get no.of occasions to thank someone. We thank them for being kind with us or for helping us. Saying “Thank you” was taught to us since childhood, to say when some one helps or spends their time and energy for us. It’s a kind of social courtesy, to wish some one for their help.

thankyou-greeting Continue reading Create Love via Thank you Video Greeting

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Video Greetings are the next gen medium of greeting people by replacing the old traditional post cards and the current ecards & egreetings.

Post cards are still being used in present days. If we compare both, we see post cards are old, time consuming and also incurs cost. Saving those memorable cards over years piles up space and may lose somewhere over the time. Some times it may get delay in delivering.

Whereas video greetings are trendy, in this mobile tech age no doubt about it. Fully personalized and free. Even you can send video greetings on the way using your mobile. You can easily send to many people at once, delivered directly to recipients inbox without any failure.

postcard-greetings-vs-video-greetings Continue reading Post Card Greetings Vs Video Greetings

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We rolled out new, cool and useful features in our latest update to our Inwiter – Video Greetings app.

Upload your own Music via i-Tunes:

Now users can add their own royalty free music which is available on their phones. We also provide royalty free music tracks but if users need specific tune which they like to use in video greeting, they can add music from their iPhone giving full customization over background music.

select-music Continue reading Inwiter Video Greeting app – Cool features rolled out

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Since last couple of months, I was debating whether I should go to SXSW Interactive or spend the same amount on our startup. Now I can certainly say that, it would have been a big mistake if I would have opted for the later. I had a wonderful, life changing experience @SXSW.


I believe SXSW is the place where you can validate your idea, product or service and share your dream mission with number of Tech Leaders, Investors and Media. I thought it would be fair to write about my first experience which may help other start-up founders. Continue reading Life Changing Experiences @SXSW

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March 8, dedicated to celebrate Women’s day internationally. On this day, men shows their love and respect to all those women who exists in their life, a brother to his sister, a son to his mother, a husband to his wife.

Some presents gifts, jewelry, planning a dinner, shopping etc., to make them feel special and to show how important they are in their life. It’s not just one religion; all the existing religions say how to respect women, as they are face to the kindness and patience.

Make them feel more special by sending a video greeting filled with their memories showing how life has been such memorable and peaceful with them by your side. You can also record your own personal message saying how much they mean to you in your life.


Let your video greetings speak and convey your love and respect towards them. We wish all the women in the world “Happy Women’s Day”.

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Hi all!! we are back sharing love, joy and happiness as ever. You know, since childhood we were raised saying sharing increases joy and happiness. But have anyone gave a thought about it? I hope no, because we never felt wrong in that. In fact, in childhood one would have shared their chocolates/ice creams with their friends and there is no denial in this as everyone has this good memory 😉


By the way, as we grow up things around us has also changed a lot. This global village has seen many technological inventions, discoveries and developments. Out of many in this 21st century, few made a difference. Social networking sites, especially facebook and twitter grabbed the digital essence of this era and gave a new platform to share love, joy and happiness to every corner of this global village.

There is no day that goes by without facebook status updates and twitter interest sharing. Not just personally, even businesses follow the same to stay in touch with their customers. Here on this platform, everyone shares their happy moments, ideas, fun, interests, special occasions and the list goes on and gets personal as you dig.

To ease your share of joy & happiness, we added a cool feature in our recent app update. Video greetings are high-tech and way beyond those old routine traditional cards and the new boring ecards and egreetings. You can personalize your video greetings with your own photos, videos and even you record your own video message. Sounds wow right? We added more. Now you can double your love, joy and happiness by sharing your video greeting on your facebook & twitter profiles with just a simple swipe.


We also added facebook privacy, where you can control your post’s privacy by selecting who can see your shared video greeting in their news feed. Then why wait, our new update is already on iTunes.

“Share love, joy and happiness in video greetings”

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College time is the best time where we meet our best pals of lifetime. Though we are in old age, college memories occupy an important role in our lives. There is something special about these college days.

Everyone, as a student gets chance to experience this unique feeling not matter how successful you be in your career here after college life.

I personally find these college days occupies most important place in my life. After a week-long hectic office works, I take time in looking at my college album, which is a relaxation for me by remembering all those funny things I did along with my best pals such as skipping classes, long drives on weekends, late night movies, parties, chit-chats in class while the lecture is going on, forwarding silly texts, fun in college canteen etc., it keeps on going as I never get tired of remembering those most valuable time of my life.

To make these kind of memorable moments of yours more memorable, you can turn your photos and video clips into video greetings and send to your pals either by mailing or sharing on your social sites. Also you can document a video for your fellow juniors at your university giving them a hunch about how memorable a student’s life is in a university.


Checkout the below video I made, turning few pictures of must have college moments in every student’s life into a video greeting giving a hunch about what one can experience as a student at university.


Also, you can use for

  • Introduction videos
  • Birthday Greetings
  • Party Invitations
  • Weekend camping invitations
  • Stay in touch with alumni
  • Send Event Invitations
  • Graduation video greetings
  • Festival greetings to friends & faculties
  • Valentines day greetings
  • Also on New Year, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Fourth of July, Christmas..

You can also send a video thank you cards to your professors by recording your own personal video message, thanking them for their continuous support and making you to be what you are today.

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