Thank You a phrase used to express gratitude is in use since 1792. Acknowledging other people and each other is our basic responsibility as human beings. In fact Thank You acknowledges the person who is receiving it and also the person who is offering it. A genuine appreciation, letting the people in your life know that the small things they do make a big difference helps to maintain good relationship. Thanking some one is an emotional act which connects each other and helps to build an Ionic bond between friends and family.

It became a tradition that after every event, we send thank you notes to the guests. With family and friends increasingly spread across the world, it is becoming very difficult to write and mail the thank you notes. Now a days as technology advanced, people are using e-mails, Facebook, twitter and even text messages to thank people. It lacks the personal touch that makes thank you notes so special, but it’s certainly better than nothing.

No card can beat a personal visit, a shake hand or a hug to show our gratitude. Unfortunately with the busy schedules, demanding lifestyles and geographical distance it is just not possible. Inwiter helps you to create a Video Thank you Note online, where you can record your Thank you message and send it to guests as a Thank you note. If you are sending Thank you Note after an event, you can upload the photos or a video and add the message you want to on photos and videos. Unlike online cards or printed thank you cards, you can design your own Video Thank you card using your own photos, videos online. We also provide music back ground tracks to make it more attractive.

Save a trip to buy Thank you Cards and Save a tree by using Video Thank you notes. Guests or recipients will receive and can access the Video Thank you note from any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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Birthday Parties became inevitable for all ages, especially for kids. Depending on where you live and how many guests you invite, it is becoming an expensive yearly event, an event which we tend to forget in annual budgeting. Its lot of fun to have birthday party for Kids. But just how much money does a typical birthday party cost?

For the purposes of estimation, I have collected the data from around 10 birthday party places in Rockville, Maryland, a city very close to DC. I took different venues, called each one of them and the average cost per birthday for 20 kids including the return gifts may vary from $450 to $600 depending on the venue. This does not include a special cake, extra decoration or food and drinks for parents. If you spend around $200 for the above which are unavoidable, it is coming to $800 for each birthday party. If we calculate this for 17 years, assuming that you don’t need to pay from 18 th birthday, it would cost around $13,600 for one child. Remember this does not include the gifts Kids need to take to the birthdays they attend.

According to the statistics released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, parents will spend an average of $235,000 to raise a child born in 2011 to the age of 17. (And that’s not taking into account any savings for college). Housing, food, clothing, health care, child care, schooling and the list of compulsory expenses goes on and on. Optional or discretionary spending such as family vacations, birthday gifts and birthday parties are mostly extra. Just for birthday Parties till the age 17 for each kid would cost $13,600 which is almost 5.8% of the USDA’s estimate of $235000.

I came across a funny info-graphic on “Baby’s Birthday on a Budget” which I would like to share it with you. If you are spending on Invitations, I have a free goody for you. Send a Video Invitation for your’s kids next birthday using Inwiter. It is free and fun to create Video invitations and Thank You Notes. you can also greet other kids on their birthday using our Video Greetings feature.

As Geoffrey Fisher said “Good plans shape good decisions. That’s why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true.”

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It’s summer time! Many of us celebrated the official start of summer on the last day of school for our kiddos. Some of us celebrated the unofficial start of summer over Memorial Day weekend. But the real first day of summer, otherwise known as the Summer Solstice.


In case you need a refresher, the Summer Solstice is when the sun is farthest away from the equator. It’s the longest day of the year, not necessarily the hottest. But don’t fret sun worshipers, it’s bound to get super hot.

One of the best time parts of summer are summer parties and cookouts. Enjoying a leisurely afternoon or evening with family and friends is just what we need to recharge and live happier lives.

We can really make summer parties special with video party invitations from Inwiter. Create a custom video message as you create your invitation. Add all the party information on the left, add slides with pictures, videos, and text. Once you’re finished, email your guests. Check back and see how many people RSVP’d. It’s different way of inviting your friends and family to your summer parties.

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The World Music Day is celebrated annually on June 21 as musicians and music lovers around the world enjoy the day in their own way. Music plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. There are many different types, but all remains part of the original definition.


Music is the expression of one’s soul and emotions. World music day keeps a thought afresh in the minds of the public that ‘Creativity Drives a Nation’. Continue reading Music – The Voice of Soul

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Father’s day is around the corner. Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood. Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June including USA. Father'sday-videogreetings

As Shakespeare said, “It is a wise father that knows his own child.” A noted sociologist, Dr. David Popenoe, is one of the pioneers of the relatively young field of research into fathers and fatherhood. Continue reading Happy Father’s Day

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We call the People who protect our motherland 24/7, and saving us from enemy attacks as “Soldiers”. We call who help us to maintain good health and cure our diseases, save us from falling sick as “Doctors”. What should we call a common man who is voluntarily donating blood to save life?


In the name of humanity we should call them the “Real Heroes”. World Blood Donor Day, celebrated on 14 June every year, serves to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products and to thank voluntary unpaid blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood. Continue reading Become a real life hero by donating blood

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If you haven’t heard, today is National Donut Day! You can nosh a free donut or buy donuts for your office and family. Today, you can stop feeling guilty for indulging in a donut during the afternoon or evening. It’s allowed today. You can get free donuts today at Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme, and other local places. If you’re not sure, just ask. Or you can participate by buying your office some lip-smackingly good donuts and send a video greeting card letting everyone know they can help themselves.

National Donut Day didn’t start because we love donuts so much, we just had to have a special day for it. That’s why people celebrate it today, but that’s not the origin. It was actually started by the Chicago Salvation Army. It started in 1938 as a fundraiser to help families in need during the Great Depression. During World War I,  volunteers (donut lassies) fried donuts in the helmets and served them to soldiers. Soldiers then became known as “doughboys.” So to help needy families here on the home front, the Chicago Salvation Army used donuts to raise money and awareness of programs that help the needy.

You can learn more about the history of Donut Day and share some of this info in your video greeting card. It’s not too late to send on in honor of WWI veterans and those who help those who can’t help themselves.

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Father’s Day is June 16th.  Are you ready? We did something special for mom last month. Now it’s time to show dad we care about him too. He may tell you not to make a big fuss this year, but deep down, he wants to know he’s appreciated. You can do that by planning a special Father’s Day gathering.


A day at the lake or a BBQ is just what dad wants. Instead of calling your family to invite them, opt for video invitations.  It’s a fun way to honor dad because you can customize it with last year’s videos and photos  in a unique, one of a kind invitation.  Add your event details, video or images, text, and music. Then email it to your family members and share it your social media accounts.

Guests can RSVP via Inwiter, making it easy to manage your event. You’ll know who is coming so you can plan accordingly. Start planning now and send your Father’s Day video invitation today so your guests have plenty of notice.

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Birthday became one of the most common events in every one’s life. When we think of a birthday, we tend to visualize balloons, candles, cake, food, beverages, flowers, gifts, restaurants, vacation spots and so and so forth. Irrespective of age, language, religion and geographical region across the world, in each country every day number of birthdays are being celebrated. Did you ever wonder about how many birthdays are being celebrated per day around the world?

Wiki answers took a good approach to estimate the number of birthdays celebrated per day. Take the world population and divide that by the number of days in a year and you get the number birthdays being celebrated. I would go one step further and bring the number bit closer to the reality by considering people who may not afford the celebration. As per World Bank Report around 1.22 billion people are living under poverty line in year 2010. If we do the simple math now, 7 billion is total population; around 1.3 billion may not be able to celebrate. It comes to 5.7 billion. Even if we take 70% of 5.7 it comes close to 4 billion. Approximately around 10,958,904 birthdays are being celebrated each day around the world. If we consider World Bank reports average life expectancy, each person could celebrate around 67 birthdays in his life.

Birthday, a beautiful life deserves to be celebrated with family and friends. What else can we do on a birthday, in addition to the cake, food, gifts and fun? We live in the world where we don’t have enough time to think or look back to see our achievements, journey and challenges. How about spending couple of hours or a day to review your social, personal and physical progress and could utilize birthday as a personal milestone every year. We can make it more casual and fun and can share and listen to other close friends and family. Here is the list we thought can be useful to review on or around birthday time.


  • A full length image – helps to compare from previous years
  • Height, weight , BMI and Foot Size (for Kids)
  • Medical, Dental appointments and other specialties if needed
  • Check the passport, driver’s license, visa expiration dates
  • Number of vacation days, countries and places visited previous year
  • Approximate number of books read
  • Number of movies watched in previous year
  • Comparison of BP, blood & urine test results
  • Life insurance and will validity
  • Days you spent with your kids alone
  • Days you spent with your spouse or fiancée alone


  • Participation in charity associations or services which help community
  • Number of Facebook posts & Likes
  • Number of Tweets sent in an year
  • Number of new connections in LinkedIn


  • Certifications, Training, new subjects, technology learned in previous year
  • Carrier growth comparison from previous year
  • Performance review changes from previous year
  • Income & Salary changes from previous year

For your next birthday, create a personalized video invitation to invite your friends and family and have fun while using the birthday as a personal milestone.

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According to United States Census Bureau, in the year 2011 there are 16.1 million wartime veterans of the living 21.6 million heroes who served in wartime duty during a period of war.


Often we do not observe the day as it should be, a day where we actively remember our ancestors, family members, our loved ones, our neighbors, and our friends who have given the ultimate sacrifices. If the Veteran you know is in the same city where you are living, make sure you visit and talk to them in person and Memorial Day is the perfect day to listen to them, learn from them and applaud for their memories and sacrifices.

Continue reading Salute wartime veterans with Video Greetings

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