For any start-up one of the main challenges is, taking the idea into the reality, demo the product to the potential customers and running it by thought leaders. It is very important and vital for the founders to demo the prototype to the users, industry leaders and listening and changing when it is necessary. When we first thought of the idea of developing a platform which helps users to create Video Invitations and Video Greeting online in few minutes with event management capabilities, We started with our adviser Shashi Bellamkonda, Vice President, Digital Marketing at The Bozzuto Group, well known as “Social Media Swami” and an adjunct professor at George Town University. The very first advise from Shashi for us is to start attending Start-up communities and he personally took me to one of the Tech Cocktail events in DC.

Tech Cocktail helps the local tech communities and give entrepreneurs a place to get informed, get connected, and get inspired. In the very first event itself, I had a chance to meet Timothy Chi Founder and CEO of who explained the start-up entrepreneurs the challenges he went through and how he learned from users. It was a great learning experience for us and since then we are attending and staying connected to the start-up community. I personally like the after event “Cocktails” where we can share the pains and gains with fellow entrepreneurs, thought leaders and friends.

After couple of months passed, Inwiter’s Beta website was ready . Jen Consalvo was kind enough to provide us a space/stall to Demo our services. It was such a great learning experience and it really helped us a lot to change our User Interface and now the users are quite happy and we can see that with the feedback we are receiving on our new look and feel.

I am honored to have such a young and talented team and we all strongly believe in Aristotle’s saying “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” On behalf of the Inwiter’s team, I would like to thank our adviser Shashi and the Tech Cocktail for providing such a great service to start-up community.

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Today, one of the headlines caught my attention and made me think, “Angelina Jolie: Breasts Don’t Define Femininity”. Today’s news was really shocking to learn that Angelina went through a preventive double mastectomy. I am one of the billions of fans of Angelina Jolie, Hollywood’s highest-paid actress, a Goodwill Ambassador for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and often cited as the world’s “most beautiful” woman. She is a very good actress in movies and incredible humanitarian with an open heart and as we all know she is truly emotional.

Today, she set another example of being a real hero and became an advocate for women’s preventive medicine. Obviously because the message is from Angelina, the message goes so far and gives lots of courage and inspiration to everyone who is suffering from breast cancer. She also mentioned Brad Pitt and his services and support during the surgery through which she informed the world about Breast Cancer and the importance of family support during the treatment. While taking the treatment she attended the UN conference and other humanitarian activities. I have created the below Video Greeting using Inwiter as a tribute and to take part to spread the message across.

I Would like to share the below-touching messages from Angelina, which really implied You can be a normal woman without natural breasts. You can be a normal woman with no breasts at all.

“On a personal note, I do not feel any less of a woman. I feel empowered that I made a strong choice that in no way diminishes my femininity.”

Angelina, You did it again. You are the most beautiful and brave woman living. Thank you for sharing your experiences and for being the advocate of preventive medicine for the millions of people who are suffering.

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The number of smartphones in use in the third quarter of 2012 totaled 1.03 billion, a 47 percent increase from third quarter 2011. It has taken the smartphone industry 16 years to top the 1 billion mark. According to Bloomberg Industries , By 2015, the smart phone numbers will double to 2 billion and the smartphone market in 2011 was estimated to be worth $219 billion.

If we take the above estimates further, It looks like in 6 to 7 years from now most of the phones will be smart phones. Number of companies will start producing smart phones and cost will go down. What happens if every one starts using Smart Phones? Well, we all know how convenient it is. If this becomes a reality, how many gadgets we buy today will become antiquated? Continue reading What happens If every one starts using Smart Phones?

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Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research says, a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Initially when I read this, I couldn’t believe it. But after I did a simple math with average video frame rate (24 to 30 images per sec) with the saying “one image is worth 1000 words”, it is coming to around 1.8 million words. It is very true and it’s just amazing to see the evolution of online video usage in the last decade.

happy-new-year-video-greeting Continue reading A Minute Of Video Is Worth 1.8 Million Words

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This week is more than just Teacher Appreciation week. It’s also National Nurses Appreciation Week. Nurses are the first responders. They see us first when we’re sick and they provide us with care daily.


I instantly think of the wonderful nurses who cared for me when I had my son. They were fabulous! And since I saw the same ones everyday, I felt more comfortable with the level of care I received. It’s life changing situations like a birth, a serious illness, a surgery–that really makes us appreciate the nursing community. Continue reading Video Greetings for Nurses Appreciation Week

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Teacher-appreciation-greetingsThis is a very special week for a very special profession! May 6-10th is Teacher Appreciation Week. We spend the majority of our lives in school. From K-12 and then on to college, teachers play a special role in our lives. They do more than just teach us academic subjects. They help shape who we are.

While I’m working on my doctorate, I look back on my academic career and can tell you exactly which teachers helped shape me. If you’re like me and really, truly appreciate your teacher–tell them! And you can do that with video greeting cards from Inwiter.

You can start with pictures. If you have a picture with you and this very special teacher, upload it to Inwiter. Maybe you worked really hard on a project and you have pictures from it. Take a screenshot of a PowerPoint slide you worked on and convert it to a jpg and use it in your video greeting card.

Once you have all your photos uploaded, add a message of appreciation, and even a song. Then email your teacher the video greeting card. It’s that easy to show you care.

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Do you remember your graduation? Back when I graduated, we sent out paper invites to all my family and friends. Facebook events were around, but hardly anyone used it. None of my family members used it, that’s for sure. Even now, people don’t really respond to anything on Facebook like that.


This year’s graduates have another option: Video invitations from Inwiter. Instead of adding to landfills and wasting money, you can send a graduation party invite with Inwiter. Continue reading Graduation Party Video Invitations that Impress!

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Wedding websites became inevitable these days, the Bride and the Groom will work days and weeks together to decide on the invitations and to select designs, content of the wedding website. The wedding website usually consists of pages of information about the Bride, the Groom, their story, when he proposed and about their family followed by the event details and gift registration details. The usual wedding website ranges from 5 pages to 20 pages with images, paragraphs of information.

Inwiter helps the Bride and the Groom to put together video clips and photos of their family and their stories in few minutes. They can also include their memorable photos, places they visited and usual places they hang out as part of their Video Invitation. You can save some time and money you invest in writing the paragraphs of information on the wedding websites.

Wedding card

Using Inwiter, you can arrange, shuffle all the collected photos ,video clips and add background wedding music provided or add your own voice to the photos. In the website you may need to write 10 pages but using photos and videos, you could finish the entire story in 5 to 7 minutes. Inwiter also provides cool RSVP features which would allow you to keep track of the guest list and you can also include Inwiter’s wedding background themes which would show the invitation like in a typical wedding website.

Guests can view the video invitations in any smart phone and RSVP and add comments. Try our Video Invitation feature where you can explain about yourself, your family and your story to the guests. It is going to be lively and helps you to show your true feelings and how much you love each other. Guests don’t need to read pages of information, they can simply watch your invitation as a short film and have fun learning about your journey together.

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Retirement is one of the most important events of our life cycle. Till the day of the retirement every one pushes themselves to work more and more and will lead a demanding and busy life. Retirement ceremonies are at times emotionally challenging for the person who is retiring and for their family members as well. I wonder why there are not many retirement planners like wedding planners.


Couple of years before, I was invited to my friends father’s retirement ceremony. I didn’t realize that retirement ceremony needs so much of planning till I attended it. According to my friend, compiling the information of the retiree, preparing retiree’s biography speech is the biggest challenge followed by inviting people for such a big surprise party. Number of his colleagues attended and gave speeches in the ceremony along with the family members. I could see that the other attendees were bored of colleagues and relatives long speeches.

If a person is working in the same location for long time, there will be a lot to share from friends and family members. Inwiter helps the colleagues and family members with Custom Video Greetings feature, which will be attractive and less boring, as it is full of images, videos and with the back ground music. Like in the birth day parties where kids open the birthday gifts, the retiree can have fun opening each of the Video Greeting in front of the attendees on a projector or now a days on the TV.

Using Inwiter’s video greeting feature, family members can compile all the images, videos available into a nice greeting. Collect all the photos from child hood, school life, if he changed number of jobs, include at least one photo from each Job and add details on each image or video as captions. You can also add a nice background music which goes well for the occasion. In the same way, colleagues can create video greetings from their image or video collection and make the retirement party memorable for everyone.

More than any one, it will be less painful for the retiree and will be very exciting and memorable retirement party for everyone who attended. It is the best tribute to the person who worked hard and supported the family and friends for decades. Inwiter helps you to capture the personal feelings and emotions in the form of Video Greetings. Let’s greet and make the next retirement party memorable using Inwiter’s Video Greetings.

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Whether you’re Hispanic or not, the infamous Cinco de Mayo is Sunday. Now is the time to start thinking about this year’s festivities. Are you going to go out with a big group of friends or will you host a night of partying (and maybe a little misbehaving) at your place? Either way, start planning!


You can plan your event with Inwiter’s video invitations. Once you log-in, set the date, time, and add instructions. Then comes the fun part. Continue reading Let’s Party: Cinco de Mayo Video Invitations

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