I was researching about how many Mothers Day Greeting Cards and Father’s Day Greeting cards are being sent every year to estimate the upcoming work load on our Inwiter’s team. I came across a wonderful Info-graph which explains and compares both the occasions with eye catching visuals.

Infograph Credited by Daily-infographic.


Undoubtedly Mothers day is more popular than Father’s day. In fact if you see the numbers, there are 13 million more number of mothers than fathers. As per American Greeting Card Association, Mother’s Day uses 133 million greeting cards where as Father’s day uses 90 million. Around 40 countries celebrate Mothers day. Father’s day started little late as well getting inspired from Mother’s day celebrations.

I believe it is better to keep it simple and Celebrate both. Create a memorable Video Greeting using Inwiter for Mother’s day and Father’s Day. Collect your Moms and Dads memorable images, videos and create a personalized video greeting. Add flavor by adding funny captions, message on each image or video. We added number of music tracks this week. Add soothing background music and send it to your Mom and Dad.

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Graduation Day is one proud moment in any student’s life. It is a majestic moment for their parents, teachers, friends and for people who care and value them. It is the day when they complete their education and are free to step into the world and make their own career decisions. It is one of the important occasions that is often described as a “Rite of Passage” in the life of any student.

If you attend any graduation ceremony, it is full of energy and filled with emotional moments, happiness, laughter, hats thrown in the sky and tears of joy and sadness of departing with their friends. It is a moment of pride for a student as well as the parents with a sense of achievement.


In United States alone, about 3.4 million students are expected to graduate from high school in 2012-13. It is expected that the average number of college graduates per year in US is around 1,750,000. Graduation is the fifth most important occasion to buy greeting cards. As per American Greeting Card association, 67 million units are purchased for Graduation ceremonies in USA every year.

Last year I attended one of my friends graduation party in Virginia. I spent around 2 hours searching for a greeting card in couple of shops. Couldn’t find the one I wanted. Finally bought one, but I was not happy with the message they have on the card. It is printed and couldn’t change the message. It was very difficult to find the card you want. Most of the cards are repeated and stereo type in nature.

If you are planning to attend any of your family members or friends Graduation party, you don’t need to go through the same pain I went through last year. Inwiter provides you a web application where you can create your own Video Greeting congratulating the Grad in minutes. You can use your images, videos and images or videos of the person who is graduating. Arrange and shuffle them around the way you want, add your own message on the image or video, add nice back ground music provided and send it. To make it more personalized, you can also record your own personal video message as part of the Video Greeting.

Graduation Day is a glorious movement in any student’s life. It is the first step of the new journey in his/her life. Congratulate the new Grad with a very personalized and thought provoking Video Greeting.

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According to Wikipedia, The military of the United States is deployed in more than 150 countries around the world, with 172,966 of its 1,372,522 active-duty personnel serving outside the United States and its territories. Our freedom and way of life is because of our brave soldiers, sailors, and airman and their dedication, service and sacrifice.


Every year millions of greeting cards are being sent to our heroes around the world welcoming and greeting them with the touch of home. Especially in the holiday season we see families of our beloved Troops printing their images, family pictures, decorated Christmas Tree pics and photos of their lovely pets in Fedex offices and USPS.

Technology is helping the families to better communicate if the Military base has internet facility. Inwiter is a web application which helps the families of our troops to send a Video Greeting online for all occasions and Holidays. As long as the military base has internet, you can save a trip to the Post Office and don’t need to buy paper greetings. Take a picture of your decorated Christmas Tree, gifts received by your kids from their Grandpa and Grandma, or simply record a Video greeting online and send it. It is as simple as that.

All it takes is few minutes to create a Video Greeting using Inwiter. You can express your true emotions and feelings. Being apart for months from their family and friends, they would love to see you and your family’s real images, live video than a printed greeting card designed by some one else. They would love to listen to their family, kids greetings, their voice and screams. Try using Inwiter’s free Video Greetings feature to greet and salute our heroes on coming July 4th.

Thank you to all our men & women who is serving and protecting our country and to all the organizations looking out for them & their families while they are away.

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Our siblings are our best friends and family members. They know us better than anyone and understand our quirky ways. At least that’s the case with most brothers and sisters. So how do you step outside the box and show them you care? Traditional birthday cards just don’t seem to cut it anymore. They’re boring and so impersonal.


You can celebrate your brother or sister’s birthday differently this year. If you have a video of your childhood or even a recent video of your latest shenanigans, upload it to Inwiter to create a video greeting card both of you will love. Continue reading Happy Birthday: Sibling Video Greeting Cards

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According to Earth Day Network, 192 countries and over one billion people are participating in Earth Day celebrations this year. What is Carbon Foot Print to start with? Here is the simple explanation I found to understand the carbon footprint myself and I would like to share it with you all. You leave footprints when you walk in the sand, the mud and when you’ve got wet feet. You also leave something called a carbon footprint. You can’t see your carbon footprint, but it impacts the earth and leaves a mark just like the ones in the sand and the mud do.

When you use fossil fuels, like heating oil to keep your house warm or gasoline for your family’s car, these things create carbon dioxide, also called CO2. Carbon dioxide is called a greenhouse gas. Many scientists believe that greenhouse gases are making the earth too warm. Your carbon footprint is the total amount of CO2 you create. A big carbon footprint is bad for the planet.

We can calculate our own foot print on the planet using Carbon Foot Print Calculator. You will be surprised to see the results. Because it is Earthy Day today, when time permits, check it out. It is estimated that, the cumulative global total of 420 billion tonnes of CO2 has been emitted between 2000 and 2011 due to human activities.

What can we do to reduce our own Carbon Foot Print on this planet? Here is the list of 101 suggestions from Green Wiki which will reduce the foot print and save you money. Let’s try to adopt 1 of the 101 suggestions today and help our planet.

Here is a video greeting I have created using Inwiter about Earth Day.

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Videos and Images are more powerful than words and thus became effective way of communication. One of the reasons we can process videos and images faster than words is because of how the brain handles the information. According to Discovery health, It processes data from pictures all at once but processes text in a linear manner.

Let’s say if you write or print an invitation or greeting for any occasion,  it is less likely that the recipients will read it completely and remember it. It is proven that brain processes images faster and remembers longer than the text and words. For your next event or occasion, try to use our Video Invitation or Video Greeting feature in which you can merge multiple images and make it a video, or multiple videos into one video and add some flavor by adding text, music and send it as an Invitation or Greeting in few minutes.

It is a cool and effective way to greet your loved ones and better way to invite more guests for any event. A simple video message from the couple who is getting married, a birthday boy or from a just graduated aspirant would be much more touching and lively than sending a printed or an online typical invitation.  You can be more creative by adding event venue as part of the video invitation or video greeting. Inwiter helps you to do the video invitations or video greetings online in few minutes.

Oops… I am writing too many words for you to process, check out the below Video greeting created using Inwiter and try it out, let us know your experience and more importantly your guests response.

Add life to your invitations and greetings using Inwiter.


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Before I write about Video Invitations and Video greetings and the new way of inviting or greeting your loved ones, did you ever wonder about evolution of invitations?  Invitations were used by only for social events by the aristocracy (Kings, Queens, Ladies, Lords, Dukes and Duchesses) in England and France beginning in or around the 18th century.

They were all hand written and calligraphy was the elegant way of showing that they were well educated. This is how each invitation was written.  Once written, each invitation was placed in a handmade envelope which would include the invitee’s names and they used to seal with a hot wax. With no postal service in place, these invitations had to be hand delivered. Continue reading The New Era of Video Invitations and Video Greetings

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Birthdays are so special, especially for children.  As parents, we have the task of making birthdays the best ever. What better way to do that than to start at the very beginning—with the invitation?

The perfect birthday does start at the beginning, at the planning phase. You set the date, the theme, and then you buy the invitations. Only, you don’t have to buy the birthday invitation. You can save yourself a lot of money (the actual invites, postage) by opting for birthday video invites.

Here’s how it works. You can upload photos and videos to create one of a kind birthday invitations. You can use last year’s photos or videos or photos from this year, highlighting special moments throughout the year. Another idea, create a video specifically for this year’s birthday video invitations. You can even get your child involved, asking your list to come to the party. It’s hard to say no when a cute little face asks for anything nicely.

Inviter makes it easy to create video invitations. Just login and follow the prompts. You add photos or videos, fill in some event information, add the guest list, and share with your social networks. In a matter of a few minutes, you’ll have the best birthday video invitations out of all your friends and family. Let them be envy you for being cool and trendy.

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It’s Spring, which means it’s prime time for weddings. Many brides and grooms are sifting through wedding invitations, trying to find the perfect one that matches their theme and the perfect phrasing that represents who they are as a couple. It can be daunting picking out traditional wedding invitations simply because there so many to choose from.wedding-video-invites

The thing is, wedding invitations don’t have to be complicated. Picking out the perfect wedding invitation can actually be really easy. Instead of opting for the traditional wedding invitation, go for wedding video invitations and create your own, custom invitation. You’ll really be able to customize the invitation with your own video or create a video slideshow with pictures.

There are many benefits to creating wedding video invitations with Inwiter.

  • It’s environmentally friendly. You save paper.
  • It’s cost effective. You save on postage and expensive, premium pricing you would pay for traditional invitations.
  • It’s completely custom. No one else will have your invitation.

Wedding video invitations are easy to create. Simply create an account with Inwiter and follow the prompts. Within a few minutes, you’ll be able to send email your wedding invitations.

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Easter is prime for fun family videos of Easter egg hunts and family gatherings.  It’s a special time of year when we create special memories with the Easter Bunny. It’s even better when we capture those special moments with a video or professional photographs.


This Easter, do something different.  Create a special video greeting card to wish everyone a Happy Easter. Your family and friends will love getting an email with your special greeting.  If you don’t have a video, use special photos and create a video slideshow celebrating love and Easter with your close family and friends. Continue reading Very Special Easter Video Greeting Cards

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