Before I write about Video Invitations and Video greetings and the new way of inviting or greeting your loved ones, did you ever wonder about evolution of invitations?  Invitations were used by only for social events by the aristocracy (Kings, Queens, Ladies, Lords, Dukes and Duchesses) in England and France beginning in or around the 18th century.

They were all hand written and calligraphy was the elegant way of showing that they were well educated. This is how each invitation was written.  Once written, each invitation was placed in a handmade envelope which would include the invitee’s names and they used to seal with a hot wax. With no postal service in place, these invitations had to be hand delivered. Continue reading The New Era of Video Invitations and Video Greetings

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Birthdays are so special, especially for children.  As parents, we have the task of making birthdays the best ever. What better way to do that than to start at the very beginning—with the invitation?

The perfect birthday does start at the beginning, at the planning phase. You set the date, the theme, and then you buy the invitations. Only, you don’t have to buy the birthday invitation. You can save yourself a lot of money (the actual invites, postage) by opting for birthday video invites.

Here’s how it works. You can upload photos and videos to create one of a kind birthday invitations. You can use last year’s photos or videos or photos from this year, highlighting special moments throughout the year. Another idea, create a video specifically for this year’s birthday video invitations. You can even get your child involved, asking your list to come to the party. It’s hard to say no when a cute little face asks for anything nicely.

Inviter makes it easy to create video invitations. Just login and follow the prompts. You add photos or videos, fill in some event information, add the guest list, and share with your social networks. In a matter of a few minutes, you’ll have the best birthday video invitations out of all your friends and family. Let them be envy you for being cool and trendy.

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It’s Spring, which means it’s prime time for weddings. Many brides and grooms are sifting through wedding invitations, trying to find the perfect one that matches their theme and the perfect phrasing that represents who they are as a couple. It can be daunting picking out traditional wedding invitations simply because there so many to choose

The thing is, wedding invitations don’t have to be complicated. Picking out the perfect wedding invitation can actually be really easy. Instead of opting for the traditional wedding invitation, go for wedding video invitations and create your own, custom invitation. You’ll really be able to customize the invitation with your own video or create a video slideshow with pictures.

There are many benefits to creating wedding video invitations with Inwiter.

  • It’s environmentally friendly. You save paper.
  • It’s cost effective. You save on postage and expensive, premium pricing you would pay for traditional invitations.
  • It’s completely custom. No one else will have your invitation.

Wedding video invitations are easy to create. Simply create an account with Inwiter and follow the prompts. Within a few minutes, you’ll be able to send email your wedding invitations.

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Easter is prime for fun family videos of Easter egg hunts and family gatherings.  It’s a special time of year when we create special memories with the Easter Bunny. It’s even better when we capture those special moments with a video or professional photographs.


This Easter, do something different.  Create a special video greeting card to wish everyone a Happy Easter. Your family and friends will love getting an email with your special greeting.  If you don’t have a video, use special photos and create a video slideshow celebrating love and Easter with your close family and friends. Continue reading Very Special Easter Video Greeting Cards

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According to American Greeting Card Association, Americans purchase approximately 6.5 billion greeting cards each year. In year 2012, 57 million Easter Greeting cards were exchanged. The estimated sale equals to around 800 million. This is without considering the gas, postage and most importantly your time.


Do the paper Greeting Cards or online greeting cards which are designed by some one else for you, speak for your true emotions? We spend hours to look for the card we want in shops and online. At times, we will be disappointed because the cards won’t represent your true feelings and they are not real. Continue reading Green and Lively Video Greeting Cards for Easter

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You know last year’s Easter videos you took of your kids at the annual Easter egg hunt? You can actually use them this year as you prepare for this year’s Easter egg hunt. Don’t just post a Facebook or send a boring invite. Instead, use video invitations.


Using your Inwiter account, you can create custom video invitations in a few minutes and actually track the event on Inwiter. You can send it to your guest list via email or post on Facebook and other social networks. Continue reading Easter Egg Hunt Video Invitations

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Traditional greeting cards can be so boring. Someone else writes them, designs them. All you have to do is buy and add a message if you choose, and sign your name. It’s not personal or original.

We’re here to change that.  With our video greeting cards, you can make every special occasion memorable.  You can add life to your greeting cards and invitations when you use Inwiter.

Wishing someone a Happy Birthday or Congratulations can be more than just words and signature. You can create custom video greeting cards using YOUR videos. Say happy birthday or capture a special moment and then use it as a video greeting card. All you have to do is create an account and follow the prompts. Then you’re done, email your video greeting card and/or share it with your social networks.

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