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Since Halloween is on the door, you must be very busy planning the event and preparing different ideas. This spooky and eerie event is enjoyed by everyone, especially kids, and hence each of them wants themselves to look the most frightening. And being the host of the event, you’d like to think something creative and unique for the Halloween party that would be surprising, as well as meet the theme of the party.

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“Are you listening?”- this time, the sound was big, loud and clear and no one could escape it. Mom was more angry than usual at dad today. Reason? It was their fiftieth-anniversary party and she wanted to make it pompous and big. Being a perfectionist, mom decided to supervise the anniversary event preparations by herself with dad’s support.


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This has been a crazy wonderful week for Inviter. We did something unusual this month, but really this week. We had 3 webinars; two were this week. We focused on getting everyone ready for July 4th. It’s an important holiday for those of us here in the United States. I say that because Inviter customers are International. But here in the U.S., it’s an incredibly important day. It has more meaning now with the political climate being what it is.  With that in mind, we wanted to make sure everyone was properly prepared to celebrate July 4th.

Our first webinar was #July4Bash on June 16th. This was for everyone, the everyday person wanting to throw a fun July 4th gathering. If you want to get the party started before the party and create buzz and anticipation, then using Inviter to create an invitation, a video invitation, is the best way to do that.

I’ve been doing webinars a little differently. I do them live on YouTube live events. I also reach out to our Periscope audience as myself (@andreeac_t).

We’re using the power of video to spread the word about how you can create amazing invitations to get your guests talking about your July 4th party. You’re not just creating invitations, you’re creating video invites that are the beginning of many happy memories.

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