Why Should You Send A Customised Video Invitation?

We all are well versed as to how adorable customized gifts & invites are. Especially, when the wedding season has approached nothing beats a customized wedding invite video. Well hence getting a customized video invitation done could be a great idea for your any upcoming event invitation.

video invitation


We make it absolutely easy for you. That’s the beauty of approaching us. There are several amazing prepared templates to choose from. All you got to do is identify the template that would suit your event the most. Once you fix the template the next step is going to be even easier.

From our end, we would be customizing the template with photos and videos of your choice. You need not worry about this stage since we are going to take care of it in just 2 working days. Isn’t it amazing?


In case there is another question pondering in your mind as to “why should you get it customized” – then here is it.


For how long are you going to give same random not-so-personal invitation? Adding a personal touch to a customized video definitely make them remember you for long for your invitation as well as the event.


So what could be great than getting it done in merely two days? We guess nothing! When you decide upon the templates and the pictures/Videos – we make the need product happen in just 2 working days! Oh! Did we inform you that we are offering it at cheaper rates in comparison with other market players?


So while each one is either making plain videos or pictures to send an invite to each other, you can send make a customized wedding video invitation to make it worth remembering. Go ahead & make your wedding invite stand out.


So now that you have decided to get a customized video invitation done here are some tips for photos and videos that you are going to pick.

a. Don’t load every damn selfie:

Yes! Selfies are cool but try not to overload your video only with selfies. They cause boredom after a point of time.

b. Keep a theme in mind

If you can create a theme then do that. Instead of randomly picking ever damn photo try making up a theme in a way that it would narrate a story.

c. Include the people who matter

In case you are making a customized video for a person, it is best to include the ones who matter to him/her as well. Such as parents, siblings, best friend and so on.

d. Candid pictures

As you make a customized video invitation, it is best to involve as many candid pictures as you can. They carry a certain charm in it.

You must have got a fair idea about the service by now, so don’t delay anymore. Get going with your customized video for wedding invitation today.

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