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Your little bundle of joy is growing up really fast as she is on the verge of stepping into her teens. The way she talks with all that maturity, really baffles you sometimes. She still struggles with all the changing equations and new found friendships. The age where you pretend to know everything and yet learn something new every single day. She deserves an excellent celebration for her milestone birthday, that marks the presence of all her old friends and new. You have an excellent birthday party theme just ready to be incorporated, with the preparations already underway.

birthday party

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The moment when a couple is blessed with baby is by far one of the most special moments of their lives. This is the reason that they want to enjoy every moment of parenthood and share their joy with their loved ones.


This makes the first birthday the time to celebrate one year of joy and happiness with your loved ones, while congratulating yourself on a job of parenting well done. Most parents usually celebrate their child’s first birthday with a lot of enthusiasm and a party is part of the celebrations. While you may be carried away with the joy of the fact that your little angel has turned one year old, you need to make sure that the guests are not made to feel neglected. It is necessary to acknowledge their good wishes and feelings which go a great way towards the happiness and well-being of your child.

Eye-catching first birthday video invitations

One of the ways of appreciating your loved ones attending the birthday party is to send really touching and meaningful invitations. This can easily be done with the help of videos for the first birthday invitations and greetings. Nowadays there a quite a few websites that allow you to create free birthday video invitations and send it across to multiple email addresses. While making the video itself is quite easy because with your camera phone you are sure to have filmed the funny and important moments as your child was growing up. You can create personalized birthday video invitation using video with all these clips and add some music to it. On the other hand, you can get more creative and hire a professional to design and shoot the video.

This will give your loved ones an opportunity to be a part of the growing up of your child which they otherwise are unlikely to witness. At the same time, it will also convey the message that you consider them to be an important part of your life and wish to share your happiness with them. While this is quite a good idea when you are celebrating the first birthday of your own child, but what if you need to send greetings to a couple who are celebrating their child’s first birthday. Even here sending a custom made video greeting is a great idea.

Of course, all parents want their child to grow up and do great things and you can convey to the parents that you too wish this for their child. This can be done by creating a video with clippings and photographs of great achievers in different fields and including a self-composed song that conveys that you wish the child in question to become as great an achiever as these great people.

You will come up with many other creative and innovative ideas for first birthday video invitations and greetings if you conduct a brainstorming session with your family. Make sure that you include kids in this session as they usually have very creative and fertile minds. Then again you can consult some articles and blogs on the subject online which will give you a large number of ideas for the video invitations and video greetings.

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Dresses, Festoons, Cakes and what’s Next? Inviter Takes Care of the Rest..

Be it a small child, a dashing teenager or a tired oldie- birthdays are special for all!

How to plan? How big the cake should be? How many guests to call? These are the frequently asked questions and if it is your tiny tot’s special day, then more questions pop out.


Amidst hasty planning, you may forget the basic requirement for birthdays. Yes! The Guests… Who will not get fussy about invites if it reaches them the last moment? How about a technique wherein one gets notified a week earlier and get reminded a day before? Tech enthusiasts have captured this wish and have granted the party lovers with which is… A Blessing Truly in Disguise… Continue reading Birthday Party Video Invitations

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