You’ve got to admit, stuffing the envelopes, sticking them and writing addresses is not a task you would be dying to do during the wedding preparations. It’s the least favorite of all but one of the most imperative jobs to be done. The worst, you’re a slave to creative thinking and just can’t agree to send the traditional wedding invitations/paper cards. Get the most important announcement of your life been thrown away in some stash.

wedding invitations

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Since Halloween is on the door, you must be very busy planning the event and preparing different ideas. This spooky and eerie event is enjoyed by everyone, especially kids, and hence each of them wants themselves to look the most frightening. And being the host of the event, you’d like to think something creative and unique for the Halloween party that would be surprising, as well as meet the theme of the party.

halloween party

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Some of the special events such as birthday, wedding days tends to be extra special to us. We all are aware of the preparations and management that goes behind the scene of these events. Right from invitations to the food and venue, we wish to make everything just perfect. So, why do go for the old conventional ways of sending invitations? Why not give online video invitations instead?


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Clothing, decorations, food or the centerpieces, nothing is that difficult when it comes to nailing a Bar Mitzvah celebration. If the focus remains on the tiny details, you can arrange the most overwhelming party. The same goes with selecting centerpieces for the big party. While some take it too seriously, the other overlook it. So, what are the right ideas to decide on centerpieces?

The Foodie’s Centerpiece

No doubt bar mitzvah has to be a grand celebration at any cost. Why not make the party more delicious by going with an all food centerpiece. Even the kids are going to love it. Place the candies and peanuts in a jar and tie a satin ribbon around it. This can be your ultimate centerpiece without wasting much of the time and money. A great treat for the guests till the food is served!

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