Sibling Birthday

Whether it is your little sister or an elder one, she shares a special bond with you and there’s absolutely no doubt in it! No matter how much you both argue, your sister is always going to have your back, come what may! So why not make her feel special on this birthday? If you are still confused how shall you plan it out, read on this and get the inspiration.


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Our siblings are our best friends and family members. They know us better than anyone and understand our quirky ways. At least that’s the case with most brothers and sisters. So how do you step outside the box and show them you care? Traditional birthday cards just don’t seem to cut it anymore. They’re boring and so impersonal.


You can celebrate your brother or sister’s birthday differently this year. If you have a video of your childhood or even a recent video of your latest shenanigans, upload it to Inwiter to create a video greeting card both of you will love. Continue reading Happy Birthday: Sibling Video Greeting Cards

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