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“Mom! Did you touch my locker? I am old enough to look after myself and my belongings. Stay away OK!” She just slammed the front door and left for school. The mother just smiled.


“You know what? My professor liked my project concept. All thanks to you, Mom…” Nonetheless to say she hugged her mother. The mother simply smiled. Continue reading Send Mother’s Day Video Greetings To Your Mom

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st. patrick's day video invitations and greetingsBack in when I lived in St. Louis, St. Patrick’s Day was a pretty big deal. There were parties and all kinds of festivities. Well, St. Patrick’s Day is next week. If you haven’t already, you may want to get the party started this year a little differently. Create a one-of-a-kind, conversation starter now by shooting a video and then sending video invitations to all your friends to come join you while you drink green beer and enjoy corned beef and cabbage.

It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Creating video invitations is pretty easy. All you need a is smartphone and a computer. Either use footage from last year’s St. Patty’s day festivities or put on your green and lucky hat and shoot another. Be yourself and invite your friends and family to come join you.

Once you do that, create an account with, create an event, add the details, and email it to your guests. You’ll be able to see the opens and RSVPs too. It’s pretty self-explanatory once you get started.

Remember you can also shoot a St. Patty’s Day greeting too. Same steps involved as an invitation only different messaging.

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Most people think of a wedding in the Caribbean when they hear the phrase, “destination event.” However, lots of other events are even better when held in a sunny – or snowy, depending on your preference – locale. Retirement parties, corporate retreats, bachelorette weekends, and other events may need to be planned in a city other than your own.

Destination Wedding

Wherever you decide to hold a destination event, simply choosing a non-local venue adds another layer of planning and to-do’s that you would not have faced at home. However, there’s no need to add more stress to the process. Continue reading 5 Tips for Planning a Successful Destination Event

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Being that we’re only a couple of weeks in to 2015, it’s really important to not lose momentum. Most of us were pretty excited for a New Year and fresh start, not only for our personal lives, but also at work. One of the things the Inviter team and I resolve to do in 2015 is to be a resource for businesses. In order for us to grow, you need to grow. We’re doing that with our webinar series every month and by providing quality content you can use a reference. It’s not just about using Inviter or business greeting cards and video emails or newsletters. It’s about leveraging marketing strategy to get you more out of your time and effort.

corporate business greetings thank you

We’ve been working specifically on our Customer Engagement page. Boosting customer engagement is very important because that translates into leads and revenue. It’s the focus of our January webinar and what we’ve been working on this month to give a boost on how to actually engage your customers using video.  So far, we’ve provided you with tip on business greeting cards in general, promotional video greetings, and thank you videos. We’ll keep adding more, so make sure to check back often. But for now, use that as a resource to help you kick off 2015.

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Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like this year is slightly different. I’m not noticing businesses getting into the holiday spirit as they did years prior.corporate business greetings thank you Christmas decorations alone don’t count. I’m talking about the noticeable lack of being thankful for customers. It’s sad to see as a marketer and consumer. The reality ladies and gentleman, is that consumers want to feel special. When they don’t, they don’t open their wallets. Simple as that.

It’s still not too late for businesses to show their appreciation and thanks to their customers.

Continue reading More Than a Thank You

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February 14th, Well known to world as Valentines Day is celebrated largely among the teens. Couple gift each other with precious gifts, cards and some goes beyond with surprises such as spending romantic time on exotic locations, candle light dinner on beach side. This day is seen as a special day by youngsters showing how much they value their loved ones.

Women eagerly wait for this day to know what surprise they are getting on valentines day by their loved ones. Many gets proposed on this day as they feel this day as an holy day for love.

Everyone starts searching for a perfect gift from the beginning of February month. Some goes on gifting jewelry, cards, sweets, exotic tour plannings etc., trying to be more creative and innovative in expressing their love and to create a best memory in both of their lives.


To get that surprise & excited expressions on your loved ones face, create a video egreetings out of your year long memories from last valentines day to till date with your own photos, videos and even you can record your own video message and add soothing background music, title cards from inwiter. You can also use our inwiter app to add few more visual effects to your video egreeting.

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Words just carry your message, while a video carry your message along with emotions. Many wondering why video greetings? What’s so special in it? Here it is.

Check out this wonderful video ecard from Apple Inc below. Apple released this video last week, in which a young kid records the beautiful Christmas moments with his family and creates a video greeting and shares it with the entire family. At the end leaving happy tears in everyone eyes. That’s the power of a video ecards or video greetings, reaching your family & friends emotionally.

Green Reason

There is another green and convincing reason to move on to new technology and use video ecards instead of paper cards. Every year, around 300,000 trees will be cut down to produce around 1 billion cards. Each year around 7 billion greeting cards are being bought for various occasions  Video ecards are  emotionally touching,  earth friendly and easy to send. Try out video greetings and delight your family & friends.

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