Father’s Day

Inviter wants to help businesses really #CelebrateDad. Moms get so much attention. But dads…well dads sometimes get left out. We want to change that. So to help businesses do something extra special, we held  special webinar that gave tips on targeting Father’s day.

We held the webinar on Google+ Hangouts. But we also Periscoped the session live. So Google+ Hangouts viewers saw the screen. Periscopers only saw and heard me speak.

Even with Father’s day so close, you can still create and send video promotions in the form of a newsletter. My last minute advice: select that you don’t need RSVPs so you can make the event public. That will let you share the link via social channels. Create a compelling sale and video and it just might go viral.

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Inviter wants to make sure dad’s get some marketing love too. Mom’s get a lot. We promote Mother’s Day. We shower her with love and adoration on all fronts. Now as a mom, I’m not complaining. At the same time, I think companies should show dad some love too. Inviter wants to help you do that with a unique way of approaching marketing.

Video newsletters are different. They have high conversion rates. From my personal marketing experience, conversions are double with Inviter than traditional email newsletters. Video is also pretty popular with consumers right now. Creating a video newsletter targeting dads and gifts for dad can help you boost last minute Father’s Day gift buying.

Join me on June 9th and get some one-on-one tips. I will be live YouTube and also on Persicope. Follow me on Persicope (@andreeac_t) now so you can watch the replay upto 24 hours after I air live. Make sure to register for #CelebrateDad to get the link.

#CelebrateDad Video Invitations

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With Father’s Day on June 15, now’s the time to start planning a perfect gift for your loving dad. Instead of buying the cliche and traditional gift of ties and socks, reveal the creative side in you by designing an Inwiter video greeting ecard. There is no need to rush to the mall, and wait in the long lines. Send your man of the house a video greeting with your Father’s Day wish. Continue reading The Perfect Father’s Day Gift: A Video Greeting of Love

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Father’s day is around the corner. Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood. Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June including USA. Father'sday-videogreetings

As Shakespeare said, “It is a wise father that knows his own child.” A noted sociologist, Dr. David Popenoe, is one of the pioneers of the relatively young field of research into fathers and fatherhood. Continue reading Happy Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is June 16th.  Are you ready? We did something special for mom last month. Now it’s time to show dad we care about him too. He may tell you not to make a big fuss this year, but deep down, he wants to know he’s appreciated. You can do that by planning a special Father’s Day gathering.


A day at the lake or a BBQ is just what dad wants. Instead of calling your family to invite them, opt for video invitations.  It’s a fun way to honor dad because you can customize it with last year’s videos and photos  in a unique, one of a kind invitation.  Add your event details, video or images, text, and music. Then email it to your family members and share it your social media accounts.

Guests can RSVP via Inwiter, making it easy to manage your event. You’ll know who is coming so you can plan accordingly. Start planning now and send your Father’s Day video invitation today so your guests have plenty of notice.

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I was researching about how many Mothers Day Greeting Cards and Father’s Day Greeting cards are being sent every year to estimate the upcoming work load on our Inwiter’s team. I came across a wonderful Info-graph which explains and compares both the occasions with eye catching visuals.

Infograph Credited by Daily-infographic.


Undoubtedly Mothers day is more popular than Father’s day. In fact if you see the numbers, there are 13 million more number of mothers than fathers. As per American Greeting Card Association, Mother’s Day uses 133 million greeting cards where as Father’s day uses 90 million. Around 40 countries celebrate Mothers day. Father’s day started little late as well getting inspired from Mother’s day celebrations.

I believe it is better to keep it simple and Celebrate both. Create a memorable Video Greeting using Inwiter for Mother’s day and Father’s Day. Collect your Moms and Dads memorable images, videos and create a personalized video greeting. Add flavor by adding funny captions, message on each image or video. We added number of music tracks this week. Add soothing background music and send it to your Mom and Dad.

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