Video Greetings

Thіѕ holiday season, your customers wіll be rесеіvіng mаnу hоlіdау e-cards. Hоw саn уоu bе sure thаt уоur e-card ѕtаnd оut? Nоw, уоur e-greeting саrdѕ саn have thаt trіumрh factor! Thеrе is a new type of e-grееtіngs саllеd Buѕіnеѕѕ Video Greetings. Thеѕе e-cards саn help уоur company stand оut thіѕ hоlіdау season.

Video Greetings

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Holidays are the time to forget about all the trials and travails of everyday life and rejuvenate your energies. This is the time to indulge in food, drinks and festivities.

Not only this, holidays are also the time when you reconnect with your near and dear ones. Often during the regular working days there is little time to spend with your family and friends, but in holidays you have ample time to enjoy their company.

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With red balloons, red wine, and a bouquet of red roses; when your man stands in front of you, you shall see the most beautiful universe through the eyes of love. It is indeed the most blissful evening where the man of your dreams proposes and professes his love for you.


But what if, the guy puts his professional aspiration ahead of his lovely girlfriend and has traveled far from you? It is not that he does not love you or does not wish to spend time with you but he is securing the future for the two of you. Rather than sulking, posting sad messages on Facebook or Twitter, spring to action and be the secret Santa of his life.

Celebrate every moment of love…

What if you guys are not in the same time zone? Make him feel special by composing a lovely video greeting that spells out magnificence and pure love. Remember, there is no special day for love, rather you can make everyday special with love. So, don’t regret if your Valentine’s Day went off being alone. Try to make every coming day special. And how to make them? Using Inviter video greeting portal!

How to plan it all out with Inviter?

Inviter is a free online video greeting portal through which you can send video messages to your favorite person through email. The video can be shot with simple mobile camera or the high-resolution camera, edited as required with astounding music and themes and posted in a single mouse click. As your video reaches the ‘inbox’ of your beloved, he is in for a sweet surprise – as he not just gets to see your lovely face, but also hear your sweet voice also what he means to you and how much you value your relationship. You can also exchange personal messages over the video greeting as it takes you to the Inviter dashboard.

Inviter regresses the most powerful medium – the internet to transfer your love messages to your partner. What if your valentine is out of town? It makes the best memories recorded over tape which is going to linger forever in both your minds. Who knows you might get your knee down proposal over an Inviter video greeting? So, don’t lament anymore on your long-distance love relationship and celebrate every precious day of your love life with Inviter!

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