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What rings a bell on the name of baby shower? Ladies, chocolates, gifts, giggling and the happy ‘Mother to be’ with her close aides who have come to bless the baby in the womb. This lovely event is all about sharing memories and smiles and cherishing them forever.


Inviter has added extra wing to this lovely event by bringing in a new concept of Baby Shower video invitation. Designing and posting a baby shower video invitation through online platform named Inviter has become the talk of the town and charm of every baby shower. Continue reading Send Baby Shower Video Invitations To Your Guests

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This month, our webinar will focus on integrating video greeting and invitations in with your current marketing strategy. I’ve talked a lot about doing them and mentioned integration. This time, I’ll talk about the actual integration and what that looks like.

Marketing shouldn’t be siloed. Every message you’re creating needs to be consistent across all marketing channels. That’s what this webinar is about and how to do that.

Join the Inviter team and myself on April 22nd at 7:30 pm EST to learn more about integrating marketing strategies. Make sure to register to guarantee a spot.

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Dresses, Festoons, Cakes and what’s Next? Inviter Takes Care of the Rest..

Be it a small child, a dashing teenager or a tired oldie- birthdays are special for all!

How to plan? How big the cake should be? How many guests to call? These are the frequently asked questions and if it is your tiny tot’s special day, then more questions pop out.


Amidst hasty planning, you may forget the basic requirement for birthdays. Yes! The Guests… Who will not get fussy about invites if it reaches them the last moment? How about a technique wherein one gets notified a week earlier and get reminded a day before? Tech enthusiasts have captured this wish and have granted the party lovers with which is… A Blessing Truly in Disguise… Continue reading Birthday Party Video Invitations

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Inviter’s March webinar has been scheduled! Join me and Inviter on March 18th at 7:30 PM EST as I  show you how to create a video newsletter and video invitation using the Inviter platform.

I don’t have to tell you the value of video for 2015. You’ve heard it all before from me and other marketers. It’s the way to really connect with your market and engage them on a different, more personal level and build relationships on a massive scale without your efforts feeling so impersonal. I’m going to show you how to actually spend very little money (this isn’t a sales pitch).


Register for the webinar and plan to be amazed at how easy it is to actually use video greetings and invitations in newsletters. While you’re waiting for March 18th to arrive, start checking out You could even sign up for a free trail.

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