Wedding Video Invitations vs Traditional Print Invitations

It’s Spring, which means it’s prime time for weddings. Many brides and grooms are sifting through wedding invitations, trying to find the perfect one that matches their theme and the perfect phrasing that represents who they are as a couple. It can be daunting picking out traditional wedding invitations simply because there so many to choose

The thing is, wedding invitations don’t have to be complicated. Picking out the perfect wedding invitation can actually be really easy. Instead of opting for the traditional wedding invitation, go for wedding video invitations and create your own, custom invitation. You’ll really be able to customize the invitation with your own video or create a video slideshow with pictures.

There are many benefits to creating wedding video invitations with Inwiter.

  • It’s environmentally friendly. You save paper.
  • It’s cost effective. You save on postage and expensive, premium pricing you would pay for traditional invitations.
  • It’s completely custom. No one else will have your invitation.

Wedding video invitations are easy to create. Simply create an account with Inwiter and follow the prompts. Within a few minutes, you’ll be able to send email your wedding invitations.

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