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Autumn having arrived, one thing to speak about is fascinating fall weddings celebrated in Asian countries. A wedding in Asian countries especially in countries like India, has worldwide attention.  Whenever people hear about these Indian weddings, it leaves quite an impression. The celebrations are planned from months before the wedding date, joined by many friends and relatives of both bride and groom families to bless the couple.

The guest list ranges from no less than 500 and goes to above 2000 depending on the family’s financial and social status. The bride and groom family’s sit together to plan the wedding, starting from wedding place to the last ritual of traditionally handing over the bride to groom and his family and post wedding reception. Every bride and groom has a wish of celebrating their wedding in a unique way as no other celebrated in their families.


The bride and groom families will be taking care of the wedding date, guest list, transportation, budgeting, catering etc., while the bride and groom select the wedding planner, decoration themes and wedding cards. Some go with scroll wedding cards, some with photo wedding cards, custom made wedding cards etc. Even after planning all these accordingly, there will be small glitches like guests missing the invitations, guests receiving invitations late due to the delay by messenger resulting in failure to plan the travel to attend the wedding.

This wedding celebration takes a most memorable place in the hearts of bride and groom families. Of all, bride and groom’s life-time event. They have this wish of celebrating in such a way as every guest gives the jaw dropping expression after seeing the wedding celebrations. So they are picky in choosing wedding planner, place, wedding jewelry, clothes, decoration themes, and especially wedding cards which gives the essence of their wedding to the guest right after taking a first look at it.

Brides and grooms now have a perfect opportunity that matches their desire to be unique with wedding video invitations to guests, giving the exact essence of your wedding with your own voice and video cards. It’s easy to create, innovative, Eco-friendly, less time to organize the guest list with RSVP, customizable with your personal video message and its fun.

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It’s every girl’s dream! You’re getting married! Congrats! Now the fun begins. Wedding planning is serious business and so is sticking to your budget. Inwiter is here to help! You can save money on engagement party invitations, save the date cards, and wedding invitations.

Engagement Party Invitations

If you’re going to have an engagement party, send video engagement party invitations. Upload your engagement pictures or a picture of your ring to Inwiter. You and your fiancé can record a special voice message or video (one of Inwiter’s new features), create and manage the event and RSVPS, and email the video invitations to friends and family.  The best part—this totally free!

Save the Date!

Once you’ve picked the date and finalized your guest list, send video Save the Date cards. Your friends and family don’t have to wait to check their mail when they get home to get it. Plus,  Save the Date video cards can be viewed on all devices. Bonuses for you—they free, customizable, and fun!



Wedding Video Invitations

Brides and grooms  spend several hundred dollars on wedding invitations. They may be pretty, but they cost a lot and they end up getting thrown away. One option couples have is to send wedding video invitations instead. Inwiter has a wide assortment of background options. What makes these invitations so unique is that the bride and groom can speak the invitation (along with the text) as well as add music. These one of a kind wedding video invitations are a must for brides and grooms!

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The number of smartphones in use in the third quarter of 2012 totaled 1.03 billion, a 47 percent increase from third quarter 2011. It has taken the smartphone industry 16 years to top the 1 billion mark. According to Bloomberg Industries , By 2015, the smart phone numbers will double to 2 billion and the smartphone market in 2011 was estimated to be worth $219 billion.

If we take the above estimates further, It looks like in 6 to 7 years from now most of the phones will be smart phones. Number of companies will start producing smart phones and cost will go down. What happens if every one starts using Smart Phones? Well, we all know how convenient it is. If this becomes a reality, how many gadgets we buy today will become antiquated? Continue reading What happens If every one starts using Smart Phones?

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Wedding websites became inevitable these days, the Bride and the Groom will work days and weeks together to decide on the invitations and to select designs, content of the wedding website. The wedding website usually consists of pages of information about the Bride, the Groom, their story, when he proposed and about their family followed by the event details and gift registration details. The usual wedding website ranges from 5 pages to 20 pages with images, paragraphs of information.

Inwiter helps the Bride and the Groom to put together video clips and photos of their family and their stories in few minutes. They can also include their memorable photos, places they visited and usual places they hang out as part of their Video Invitation. You can save some time and money you invest in writing the paragraphs of information on the wedding websites.

Wedding card

Using Inwiter, you can arrange, shuffle all the collected photos ,video clips and add background wedding music provided or add your own voice to the photos. In the website you may need to write 10 pages but using photos and videos, you could finish the entire story in 5 to 7 minutes. Inwiter also provides cool RSVP features which would allow you to keep track of the guest list and you can also include Inwiter’s wedding background themes which would show the invitation like in a typical wedding website.

Guests can view the video invitations in any smart phone and RSVP and add comments. Try our Video Invitation feature where you can explain about yourself, your family and your story to the guests. It is going to be lively and helps you to show your true feelings and how much you love each other. Guests don’t need to read pages of information, they can simply watch your invitation as a short film and have fun learning about your journey together.

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It’s Spring, which means it’s prime time for weddings. Many brides and grooms are sifting through wedding invitations, trying to find the perfect one that matches their theme and the perfect phrasing that represents who they are as a couple. It can be daunting picking out traditional wedding invitations simply because there so many to choose

The thing is, wedding invitations don’t have to be complicated. Picking out the perfect wedding invitation can actually be really easy. Instead of opting for the traditional wedding invitation, go for wedding video invitations and create your own, custom invitation. You’ll really be able to customize the invitation with your own video or create a video slideshow with pictures.

There are many benefits to creating wedding video invitations with Inwiter.

  • It’s environmentally friendly. You save paper.
  • It’s cost effective. You save on postage and expensive, premium pricing you would pay for traditional invitations.
  • It’s completely custom. No one else will have your invitation.

Wedding video invitations are easy to create. Simply create an account with Inwiter and follow the prompts. Within a few minutes, you’ll be able to send email your wedding invitations.

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