You probably racked your brains to make sure you did right everything right, the champagne chilling at just the right temperature, the ring perfectly sized for her finger, reservations at her favorite restaurant made well in advance, Elvis Presley playing neatly in the background, and now all that you had to do is to muster the courage and pop the question. She had the biggest smile that you had ever seen on that pretty little face, eyes gleaming with tears that threatened to escape into the world on their own – an evening to remember, an evening that changed your labels for life.

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Destination weddings are totally worth your time, endless preparations and the penny you invest into it. Not just that it appears intriguing for the bride and the groom but for the guests as well. Since a decade now it seems that destination weddings is becoming preference to the ready-to-wed couples. While there is a lot behind the scene that makes a destination wedding grander and successful, we thought of letting you know about some ready made hacks!

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When a man meets his wife to be on the wedding altar, he sees his life complete. The happiness that echoes in both their faces is the priceless gift that their parents receive. A dream comes true when two people in love get married. Together they weave beautiful memories and every photo; every video clip of their wedding remains their biggest priced possession.

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Often weddings in India somehow mark your standing or position among your loved ones. It may sound weird but people judge weddings, expecting everything to be grand. Besides it’s once in lifetime memory that marks the beginning of new era in your life. Perhaps that’s the reason why people always try to come up with new quirky elements to make their weddings grand and memorable.

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Weddings has always been special in the country. Right from the preparation to the wedding day there is a lot that families and couples themselves handle. However often in the hoopla of arrangements the most vital part i.e. ENJOYMENT is forgotten. These couple work and arrange things till the wedding day little realizing that they just wasted their energy on the things that a wedding planner can easily do.

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You’ve got to admit, stuffing the envelopes, sticking them and writing addresses is not a task you would be dying to do during the wedding preparations. It’s the least favorite of all but one of the most imperative jobs to be done. The worst, you’re a slave to creative thinking and just can’t agree to send the traditional wedding invitations/paper cards. Get the most important announcement of your life been thrown away in some stash.

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