From the day you get an answer to your proposal, it’s like living the dream. The day your partner said yes and became the partner for life, you start planning the wedding. Where and how is the most difficult question but we often forget about making an invitation? The traditional way of sending wedding invitation is so outdated that new couple ditches them and adapt the technology. Sending the video invitations is the best way to share your best day. Here are the creative tips on how you can make it better.

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Bar Mitzvah is one of the important traditional custom observed by the Jews community worldwide. It celebrates the time when a boy turns 13 of their age. In the Jewish community, the age of 13 is said to be the age when a boy is officially eligible to be held accountable or his actions. Bar Mitzvah is merely the ceremony that declares this.

Bar Mitzvah

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Wedding vows  are the verbal commitment you give to your life partner. It’s not just words but the true feeling which express the most romantic poetry ever exchanged. Most people stick to the formal and traditional vows, but a modern couple needs something unique and memorable, something which makes their eye teary and then makes them laugh as well. Here are 10 modern wedding vows you should be taking for your wife to be.

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We all love celebrating our birthdays, after all, each birthday means you have successfully conquered another year of your life and you are ready to take the next one. Birthdays are especially fun because of the whole celebration that it brings, right from presents to treats – no wonder why we keep counting the number of months left for our birthdays.

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In recent times, there is a shift in corporate culture. The ‘only work’ culture is now gradually shifting to ‘work and play’. It could be because of the profit that companies are making or it could be one of the strategies to make the employees stay – however it works any which way. One can clearly say that office are arranging parties and trips to keep their employees happy. Since these office parties are purely organized for fun, we decided to give away some cool ideas for the party.

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It is true that love needs no special day to be expressed. Your spouse should feel loved throughout the year. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate it. Valentine’s day is a day of love, celebrated worldwide with great enthusiasm. It is the day where thank and appreciate your spouse for being there by your side no matter what.

Valentine's day

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