Do you know what makes thanks giving, Christmas and New Year special? What adds glitz and glamour to these events? Why people eagerly wait for these special days? The parties and endless celebrations; of course! Where there is party, there is amazing fun and great energy! Earlier days parties were called as rich man’s comfort. But as days changed and concepts like house party, kitty party etc. came into picture where one just needed the will to celebrate and social status went into hiding.

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Love! It is the best feeling one can experience in life. You can express love in different forms depending on whom you are showering your love with. If it is your girlfriend or wife, you express it in the form of romance; if it is your pet, you fondle it and if it is your family or friends, you express it in the form of warm words and soothing hugs. But what remains common in this affair is LOVE. And who does not like surprises in LOVE?

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How long has it been since you surprised your spouse? How long has it been since you wrote a greeting card with your hand? With the advent of emoji’s and smiley icons expressing love has become more like a game of dumb charades. Whether be it happy or sad or excited, your yellow smiley icons follow you everywhere. But don’t you think it is time for a change?

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How long have you been in the hospitality business? Does entertaining guests, explaining them about the place of stay and the bounties of the locale, making them feel comfortable with sweet words and healthy food etc. interest you? Do you wish to grow your business leaps and bounds using video this holiday season? Do you dream of going packed houses and running short of house help at your holiday home?


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What? The guests will be around anytime now and you say the starters won’t be enough? Did I not pay you in time? What sort of irresponsible planning is this? – This is a typical party preparatory discussion between an event planner and the host. You can hear such discussions on the corridor or lobby of hotels and party halls. That too in holiday seasons, event managers go crazy organizing back to back holiday parties and there are chances of they failing their client’s expectations.

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Ok! Pose for a selfie guys! Just one more! When you are constantly posing and pouting for selfies and groupfies amidst a nice breezy locale with the greatest bunch of dear friends, won’t you feel on top of the world? Taking a couple of days off your busy schedule and planning a trip to your favorite destination in this holiday season will help to rediscover yourself. Though your tickets are arranged, hotel is booked, bags are packed and your wallet is full. There are numerous other aspects that are a must to add spice to your holiday.


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