What do we do when we see our beloved or known person after few days? A possible answer to this question is we approach that person and greet him. This gesture is known as the greeting. It can also be defined as an act of communication in which human beings make their presence known to each other as per their will, to show attention or generally to suggest a type of relationship.

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An individual has many important phases in his whole lifetime and one of such phase is the ringing of wedding bells. A wedding is an auspicious event that is not only important for the bridegroom and bride but for their family the and loved ones as well. It is a dream day that will be cherished by the couple till their last breath. Nowadays, there are different ways of celebrating this utmost event.

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Indian weddings and the tiresome issues you need to take care of.

If you are an Indian you must be aware of the buzz around Indian Weddings. Weddings in India are not merely weddings rather a festival altogether. The preparation of wedding begins months before and why not, after all, we invite at least 1,000 guests and arrange them. The loud music, delicious cuisines, alluring bride and groom – everything about an Indian wedding is extravagant. But then, there is something profusely enigmatic about the Indian Wedding.


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Online wedding invitations – Why should you prefer? Here is why. Finding the perfect card for your wedding is never been that easy. To keep up with the current technology and considering the time and costing for the invites to guests, it might take a week or two to get it selected and finalized and another week for printing and delivery and another to get them delivered to your guests. After all these, its not so easy to keep track of your guests who are attending your wedding.


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Love marriages in an Indian household are no less than any Bollywood dramatics. You come across the right person, spend time together, fall in love, decide to get to get married, break the news to the two immediate families. And get talked into running a background verification on each other’s universe. And also convince the immediate two families, break the news to the relatives, answer a lot of their questions, convince the relatives and then finally with a lot of other drama flowing in and out of the whole scenario – you get to the actual marriage ceremony. Exhausting, yes, but absolutely enjoyable and totally worth it.

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You have never been the kind of a person who misses out on details, especially when it comes to your work and lifestyle. So when it comes to celebrating the launch of your book, it has to be elite. All those years of reading through writers and poets – gaining access to the excellence of thoughts. And wandering around the pages of your own unkempt thoughts has been quite a journey to share. You finally made it, after all those iterations and reiterations of a perfectionist mind. Revisiting your own work again and again, to ultimately find some fresh flaws, and discarding sections after sections. Yours has been a victory against the obfuscator of your own mind, for your book finally made it and the sales look promising as ever.

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A story to tell, a story to keep – your love is a narration that the world needs to read. Coming from a generation of technological wiz, you have somehow managed to sustain the poetic charms of an old-school who still believes in the scent of an old read and the magic of a gramophone with its vinyl discs. Your whole idea of romance still beholds in the concept of long conversations over candle light dinners and a romantic stroll down the beach. Fanciful, yes, but then the man of your dreams is contrary to your idea of life where he beholds an inclination towards innovation and technology- and that is precisely why they say that opposites attract. You both have managed to find your middle grounds somewhere, somehow, and beautifully complement each other’s tastes in life.

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The time has been pretty confusing to you lately, where sometimes, it just rushes past you like a blurred memory. While sometimes, it just stands still and mocks your impatience to finally meet you little one that you have spent day and day out dreaming about, conversing and conveying to it all the mixed feelings that run through you at every new situation. It is a wonder as to how you’ve waited this long already and yet amazes you that you little one will be out in no time. Your family and friends are nothing less than the absolute support that you need, to face such a heavy physical and emotional change in your life and you know that they will always be there for the two of you, no matter what.

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